The thermoforming process involves taking a sheet of plastic heating it to it’s molten state, placing it over a mould, then either applying vacuum or vacuum and pressure, form the plastic over the tool.

The plastic is allowed to cool and taking the form of the mould.  The plastic is ejected off the tool using air pressure and cut to its final overall dimensions.

This process is used to make the following items:

Presentation Insert Trays

Thermoform insert trays are used as part of product presentation, they can also provide security during shipping of the items packed ensuring that the product remains firmly fixed in its correct presentation position. 

It can add to the cosmetic appeal of the pack using a variety of materials, colours and textures.  

  • The tray itself is a presentation insert tray for a Whiskey product promotion for an International retail market.  The material has a fibre texture surface finish to it that helps get the premium quality of the branded product across.
Transportation/Collation Trays

Thermoform transportation trays are ideal for transporting valuable delicate components.  Customised trays can maximise shipping quantity without the risk of damage. 

The tray strength can be tailored to match the weight of the component minimising cost and increasing security.

  • Shown in the picture is a shipping tray for a static sensitive electronic component used in conjunction with pick and place robots.  The tray material is conductive and the dimensional tolerance is very exact.


A thermoform clamshell is a double sided hinged enclosure into which the item is placed.  This type of packaging is ideal for the Retail Sector where the product packed can either free-stand on a shelf or hang neatly on a euro hock. 

They provide a level of security and are very environmentally friendly as the plastic can remain contamination free from glue or print and hence are easy to be fully recycled without the use of any cleaning solvents. 

Also a clamshell can provide full product display thus maximising sales.  

Medical Procedural Trays

These are specifically designed rigid form trays with various cavities formed in it to hold the full complement of medical instruments required to carry out a specific medical procedure.  The benefits of such a tray can help organise the preparation of a procedure, ensuring all the components are available for use as required and also reduces waste.


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